Beaufort's Architectural Treasures

18x24 Beaufort Porches Poster
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Tierra Fina and Scuttlebutt
The Beaufort Historic District contains over 150 plaqued homes dating back to the late 18th century. In total, there are about 325 homes over 100 years old.

Beaufort was always been affected by those who traveled the seas. An international network of trade and communication developed in the 18th and 19th centuries and provided a cultural influence unlike that of inland North Carolina—thus the growth of not only a unique maritime heritage but also an unequaled collection of architectural treasures.

In 1970 Tony P. Wrenn wrote, “A dozen or more cases could be made for the stylistic importance of individual structures there. It is the surviving complex, however—the juxtaposition of era to era and style to style, and interrelation of streets to each other—which gives the entirety an importance that transcends the value of any individual structure. A word might be said about Beaufort’s compactness, and relative completeness, within the context of the surviving 1713 and 1816 grid street plans.