Thomas-Murray Suite

This second-floor room includes a canopied four-poster queen-size bed, large living room with fireplace and a combination shower-tub bath. The room is named for Capt. Thomas Thomas and his wife, Martha Dudley Murray. The Thomas family occupied the home for over 100 years. 

Born in Beaufort in February 1816 to Samuel and Mary Thomas, Thomas
Thomas married Mary Dudley Murray on August 3, 1841. It is believed the couple had sixteen children; only five survived—Isabella, Charles, Samuel, Thomas Murray and William Alonzo Thomas. In 1858, William Fisher Bell sold the property to 42-year-old sea captain Thomas Thomas.

The 1860 Beaufort Census recorded the following in the house: Thomas 44, Martha 41, Isabella 18, Charles 17, Samuel 13, Murray 10 and 8-year-old Alonzo. At the time, Capt. Thomas’ real estate was valued at $5,600 and his personal estate $23,600.

Thomas House at Front & Orange.
Waterfront wharf a block east.
On April 25, 1862, the Thomas family had a birds-eye view of the shelling during the Union siege of Fort Macon. From then until August 1865, they experienced the Union occupation of Beaufort. 

Captain Thomas was a successful merchant with his own sailing vessels. His wharf-front building on Taylor’s Creek was near the corner of Turner Street. In 1888, ten years before his death, a huge fire destroyed his wharf and numerous other stores and warehouses on the waterfront.

Captain Thomas
Martha Dudley Murray
When Capt. Thomas died in 1898, his property was divided among his surviving children and grandchildren; this included many property transactions, re-allotting quarter shares, giving lifetime use or reverting back to siblings.