Fuller Suite - Named for the Fuller Family

From the late 18th century until 1852, this lot was owned by the Fuller family. At one time the family owned the block from Front Street to Ann Street.

By 1734, Edward Fuller Sr. came south from Fairfield, Connecticut and became the first Fuller to settle in the Core Sound area of the southern Outer Banks of North Carolina. In the later part of the 18th century, Edward's son, Nathan, purchased this Beaufort waterfront property, Old Town Lot 24, from William Borden Jr. 

William Borden House circa 1768  
Old Town Lot 23 - 305 Front Street
 1936 photo by Frances B. Johnston
An inventory of goods belonging to the sloop Middleborrough, Edward Fuller, Master, was made on February 15, 1734. Goods included two blubber spades, three oars, four “Lances for Whaling,” a blubber hook, and 39 empty barrels. (NOAA—Vice-Admiralty Papers, Volume I, Archives and History, Raleigh, NC)
In his thesis Colonial Beaufort: The History of a North Carolina Town, historian Charles Paul noted, “In 1757 John Shackelford, who owned the beach between Topsail Inlet and Cape Lookout, sold two tracts of that beach to men connected with the whaling industry. These two men were Joseph Morse and Edward Fuller, and the deeds which they received for these tracts also gave them ‘privileges at Point Lookout Bay that is to have liberty to fish and whale in said Bay and also to have a landing at the said Point Lookout Bay.’” (Carteret Deed Books, F, 456.) Edward Fuller Sr. died in 1768. 

In 1771, Edward and Hannah Fuller’s son Nathan (1749-1800) married Mary Paquinet (1742-1817), daughter of Michael Paquinet and Mary Powell. 

Nathan and Mary were parents of six daughters and three sons. Nathan served in the Revolutionary War as an ensign in the Carteret County Militia. In Beaufort’s Old Burying Ground, Mamr√© Marsh Wilson wrote, “As a navigator and ship owner, Fuller sailed from Beaufort to the West Indies, England and Barbados bringing supplies into Beaufort harbor prior to the Revolutionary War.” Nathan was also a member of the assembly.

In the later part of the 18th century, Nathan purchased Old Town Lots 23 & 24 from Quaker shipbuilder William Borden Jr. In his November 1800 will, Nathan left wife Mary: "the dwelling house where I now live to include the lot 23 in Beaufort being 55 feet wide and twenty poles in length reserving the right of my son Belcher, if he shall think fit to build a house, between my house and Elijah Bells house."  

Nathan and Mary Paquinet Fuller had the following children:

  • Belcher (1776-1828) married Zilphia Guthrie. 
  • Mary (1775-1795) married Archibald Roberson.
  • Nathan (1780-1795) died at age fourteen.
  • Catharine (1783-1823) married first cousin William Fisher (1776-1812) 8 Oct 1799, George H. Dudley in 1814 and widower John Hatch Hill 20 Aug 1823.
  • William (1784-1788) died at age three. 
  • Jane (1787-1800) died at age thirteen. 
  • Hannah (1790-1823) married John Hatch Hill 17 Aug 1806.  
  • Hope (b. abt 1792 - d.18 June 1855) married Buckner Hatch Hill about 1810 and William J. Parks 24 Feb 1848. 
Nathan and Mary Fuller's oldest son Belcher (1776-1828) was a North Carolina state senator from Carteret County from 1809-1813. During the War of 1812, he was a private in the Carteret County Regiment (Robert's), NC Militia. He was also a notary public, justice of the peace and a lieutenant colonel in the 1823 militia.

Belcher Fuller (Sr.) married twice. Born to his first marriage were: Mary "Polly" Fuller (1800-1878), who married Benjamin Leecraft in 1816; Nathan, born 1803, who married Charlotte Marshall; and Christopher Columbus Fuller (1805-1880), who married Sarah Kelly Willis in 1854.

1828 Hatsell House
117 Orange Street
Belcher's second marriage was to Zilphia Guthrie, January 2,1806; they had the following children:

  • Charity Fuller (1807-1891) married Andrew Lee Hatchell (1803-1841) on November 16, 1826; Charity inherited Lot 55 on the west side of Orange Street, where they built the 1828 Hatsell House. 
  • Zilphia Ann Fuller (1810-1876) married Thomas Marshall 24 Jan 1821.
  • Juliann Fuller was born 1812.
  • Jane Belcher Fuller (1815-1822) died at seven. 
  • Belcher Fuller Jr. (1817-1870), tailor and deputy sheriff, married Amanda A. Lindsay 22 June 1852; they were parents of Henry Wise Fuller (1855-1915). 
  • William Fuller was born 1820
The 1820 Beaufort Census noted Belcher Fuller Esquire with nine persons in his "household," plus twelve slaves.

Capt. Belcher Fuller   
Old Burying Ground
In his 15 April 1827 will, proven June Court 1828, Belcher Fuller left, in part:

  • To his wife Zilphia all of his “estate both real and personal, to dispose of as she sees fit, but should she marry she to have a childs part.” 
  • To daughter Mary Leecraft “one lot number 70 in Beaufort.”
  • To daughter Zilphia Marshall “one lot 74 in Beaufort.”
  •  To daughter Charity Hatchell “one lot 55 in Beaufort.”
  • To daughter Juliann Thompson, “one half lot 54 and half of lot 62 in Beaufort old town.” As mentioned above, this one-half lot 54 had belonged to Isaiah Paquinet, who purchased it from Jesse Jones, husband of Rebekah Fuller.
  • To sons Belcher and William, “my lot 23 in common, land on wading creek, and another tract willed to me by my father containing 250 acres, at the death of my wife.”
  • To son Nathan, “my pistol, quadrant and book and charts.”  
  • To son Christopher, “a set off books charts and quadrant.” (Carteret County Wills 1700-1880 by Rebecca Willis Sanders, 1996 revised edition)

1841 Deed Zilphia to William
On January 8, 1841, Zilphia deeded properties to son William, including Lots 23 and 24 with all improvements (Deed Book Z, Page 123, written 8 Jan 1841, registered 8 Mar 1847 at Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions). According to handwritten notes by historian Jean Kell, William Fuller relinquished ownership to his brother Belcher.

In June 1852, Belcher Fuller Jr. (1817-1870) sold the western portion of Lot 24, corner of Front and Orange Streets, to William Fisher Bell, "a certain half of lot of land...number twenty four Old Town, being the westernmost half of said lot bordering on Orange & Front Street...To have & to hold the said premises..."

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